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  1. The Applicant must have a right on the property subject to this insurance or an insurable interest Help on the property to be insured. Some personal effects like fine arts have limited or no coverage under this policy. Help Accordingly you may require additional or alternative insurance coverage which is not offered through this program.
  2. The Applicant when seeking a quotation, taking out or renewing an Insurance Policy, is required to advise the prospective Insurers of any material fact or information which might affect the judgment of the Insurer in deciding whether to accept the insurance or assessing the conditions of the insurance. Failure to observe this obligation could lead to the avoidance of any contract entered into from inception. If you are in any doubt whether a fact is material, it should be disclosed.
  3. Please answer all questions fully in the space provided and check boxes as necessary.
  4. Applicant hereby agrees to the use of an online process for making an Application for insurance as described.
  5. Applicant hereby agrees to the electronic delivery or presentation for download of the Policy and related documentation (including the application for insurance) for the insurance transaction. In the alternative, should electronic delivery or download of such documentation not be practical or possible, you may request, in writing to Marsh Canada (at the coordinates provided on this site) for delivery of the documents by Canada Post.
  6. You must agree to our use of your personal information in accordance with XN Financial's and Marsh's Privacy Policy.
  7. Underwriter Approval of your application is required. Help
  8. Should you require further information, please contact Marsh Canada for assistance at 1 866 940 5111 or email: hsctenants@marsh.com.


Marsh Canada has performed a competitive benchmarking process to offer a competitive product. We have negotiated this Tenant Insurance Program on a group basis with insurers but we have not acted as a broker for any individual participant.

This Program may be for a term of several years and may not be negotiated annually.


Marsh's privacy policy is available at www.marsh.ca.

Do you consent to the collection, use, disclosure and retention of your personal information as set out in the Privacy Policy, and do you understand that you may (subject to certain restrictions and consequences) later withdraw your consent as to any or all of the purposes identified in that policy?

I agree to the eligibility criteria and to the privacy agreement

HSC Privacy and Disclosure Policy

The Applicant consents to Housing Services Corporation and HSC Insurance Inc. (collectively, "HSC") collecting, using and disclosing your personal information as set out in this paragraph and as required or permitted pursuant to applicable law. HSC may disclose the status of the Applicant's coverage under the tenant insurance policy and any material change to the Applicant's coverage under tenant insurance policy to (a) the landlord, owner and/or property manager of the rented accommodations insured under such policy, and (b) the municipal or DSSAB service manager having jurisdiction over the rented accommodations insured under such policy. For clarity, such disclosure may include, but is not limited to, disclosure to the Applicant's landlord of the activation, expiration or termination of the Applicant's tenant insurance policy. HSC may also collect, use and disclose your personal information on an aggregated and non-identifiable basis for purposes related to HSC's current and future projects including, but not limited to, social housing sector research, policy development and marketing.

I agree to the HSC Privacy and Disclosure Policy

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