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XN Global Belongings & Liability Insurance

XN Global Belongings & Liability Insurance has been developed in response to the needs of the internationally mobile community. Our policy provides "gap" free property and liability coverage, thus enabling you and your family to rest securely.

Coverage Summary

  1. Personal Property Coverage
    • Covered on a worldwide "All-Risk" basis
    • Including theft and mysterious disappearance
    • Coverage extends to the belongings of students living away from home
    • Possibility to insure any personal property located at a storage facility
  2. Valuable Articles
    • Covered for "All-Risk" worldwide
    • No territorial restrictions
    • Insure jewelry, furs, fine arts and a variety of other articles
    • Newly acquired items are automatically covered during the first 60 days of ownership
  3. Personal Liability
    • Worldwide coverage
    • Protects you and your family against lawsuits resulting from unintentional bodily injury, personal injury, or property damage
    • We will defend the insured in any jurisdiction where permitted by law.
    • If prevented by law from defending the insured, we will reimburse the insured for legal defense costs incurred.
  4. Personal Excess Liability
    • Coverage provides valuable extra layer of worldwide liability protection
    • Limits of up to $5,000,000 are available upon online request.
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