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Our International Property & Casualty Products

XN Global Moving Insurance

XN’s Global Moving Insurance provides comprehensive worldwide coverage for belongings at every stage of the move, from packing to unpacking. It covers most physical damage including breakage, disappearance, loss, theft and water damage. This global policy has no territorial restrictions and is completely inclusive, extending to most personal effects, furniture and valuables with few exceptions. It applies to both transportation and storage exposures during transit and regardless of the carrier’s transportation means.

  • All risk coverage – subject to policy terms and conditions
  • Coverage takes effect the moment the goods are packed and ends only when the goods are received
  • Coverage is worldwide
  • Goods are covered at replacement cost
  • Damage to personal property valued at $5,000 or more is indemnified on the basis of replacement cost with no deduction for depreciation
    • Items must have been specifically declared prior to ship and pre-removal inspection may be required
  • Electronic equipment are covered on a replacement basis if equipment is less than five years old
  • Coverage applies to transit and storage exposures
  • Coverage applies regardless of the means of transportation chosen by the carrier

XN Global Personal Insurance

XN's Global Personal Insurance provides gap free property and liability insurance coverage with excellent client services during a foreign assignment or relocation. It covers personal property, valuable articles, political risk and personal liability. Coverage is "All-Risk" and worldwide.

Personal Property
  • Coverage is "All-Risk" including theft and mysterious disappearance
  • All property is insured at "Full Replacement Cost" with the exception of items which by their inherent nature cannot be replaced

Valuable Articles
  • Coverage includes breakage of fragile items
  • Includes jewelry, furs, cameras, silverware and even golf equipment
  • All items covered on an "Agreed-Value Basis"
  • For jewelry, watches, furs, cameras and musical instruments, newly acquired items are insured during the first sixty days up to a maximum of $10,000

Personal Liability
  • Worldwide protection against law suits resulting from unintentional bodily injury, personal injury or property damage. Defense costs are included
  • Coverage for "Neighbors and Tenants Liability"
  • Includes medical payments to others, with coverage against bodily injury caused unintentionally to a third party by an assignee or an assignee's family member paying up to $25,000 per injured person
  • For the unauthorized use of credit cards and loss caused by forgery or the acceptance of counterfeit money

Political Risk
  • Coverage insures personal property and valuable articles for the additional perils of war, insurrection, expropriation, sabotage or terrorism

XN Global Property Management Insurance

Domestic insurers in most jurisdictions are reluctant to cover dwellings that are vacant, unoccupied or rented to another occupant. In some cases, limited coverage is provided; in most cases, domestic homeowner insurance companies do not provide coverage if an international assignee’s home remains unoccupied or is rented to another occupant. XN supplies insurance coverage for vacant, unoccupied or rented dwellings, including condos.

  • Definition of "Dwelling" includes vacant dwellings, unoccupied dwellings or dwellings rented to others
  • The policy pays for reasonable repairs and other costs incurred by the insured to protect the dwelling from further damage following a covered loss
  • Coverage is also provided for the breakage of glass or safety glazing material forming part of a covered building, storm door or storm window
  • The contents of the dwelling can also be covered if a burglar alarm is maintained during the policy period
  • 10% of insured value of dwelling is automatically extended to insure other structures located on the residence premises
  • XN also insures against liability suits brought for damages arising from the ownership, maintenance or use of the dwelling. This coverage also includes defense costs and medical expenses.

XN Temporary Housing Insurance

The XN Temporary Housing Insurance program is a package product developed to respond to the needs of the global housing industry. It provides personal content and personal premises liability coverage for the clients/guests. Coverage commence once the beneficiary has checked-registered into the apartment-room rental facility. Coverage terminates once the beneficiary has checked-out of the apartment-room rental facility.

Personal Content
  • All content is insured at “Full Replacement Cost” with the exception of items which by their inherent nature cannot be replaced.
  • Personal content insurance limits is available up to $50,000

Personal Premises Liability

This coverage is worldwide and protects clients/guests which may become legally liable to pay for property damage caused while registered in the apartment-room rental.

  • This is the part of the policy you look to for protection if the clients/guests are sued for damage caused by fire, explosion, water damage or smoke to the apartment-room rental and its contents. Defense cost included.
  • Personal premises liability is available up to $500,000

Additional Coverage
  • Bed bug remediation coverage limitation endorsement available
  • Accidental damage coverage limitation endorsement available

XN Tenants Insurance for Property Managers

Powered by a proprietary technology platform, the XN Tenants Insurance for Property Managers ensures that all tenants have a minimum level of property and liability coverage. The coverage will protect the property manager from having to pay for potential claims for which tenants are liable. The coverage can be implemented for all tenants, paid on a monthly basis.

  • $10,000-$100,000 of coverage for content;
  • Additional living expense coverage available;
  • Up to $2,000,000 of liability coverage;
  • An Excess or Top Up program is available for tenants and can be accessed through a property manager branded website to increase coverage.
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