Kidnap, Extortion and Detention

Loss Examples

Venezuela: An American woman and her children are abducted from their residence in Campitos, Caracas. The victim, the wife of a business executive, is forced to withdraw money from a local bank before being released. The U.S. Embassy advises that this type of "express kidnapping" is on the rise and that Americans, although not specifically targeted, should take proper security precautions to avoid this type of crime.

Russia: Men posing as police officers kidnapped a Norwegian businessman on a city street in Moscow. The men likely had their target under surveillance for some time, explaining why they were able to abduct him in public. After making a ransom drop of $ 200,000, security forces freed the victim and the police apprehended the kidnappers.

Yemen: Yemeni tribesmen kidnap an American oil worker. It is common for Yemeni tribesmen to kidnap foreigners as leverage against the Yemeni government for more land. After being held two weeks by some tribesmen in the eastern Marib province, the tribesmen terms are met and the victim is released unharmed.

Colombia: Rebels kidnap 92 contract employees of U.S. owned petroleum company. All but 19 are released. Police attribute the mass kidnappings to the leftist National Liberation Army, or ELN, Colombia's second largest rebel army.