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As exciting as the expatriate experience can be, it comes with certain risks. XN offers insurance products that protect against those risks. In conjunction with our insurance providers, we provide a selection of insurance products whose coverage extends beyond that offered by standard personal and moving insurance policies. Each of the products listed here has been specially selected to suit the unique needs of the person working and living abroad, and applies internationally.

XN Global Mobility Insurance Products

XN Global Group Health Insurance

No matter where you go, XN Global Health Insurance has your employees and their families completely covered. This program is fully portable and follows the expatriates throughout their foreign assignment. Wherever your employees work, our health care plan provides them with the best available medical coverage. Our services are supported by one of the largest International Health Care Networks in the world.

XN Global Individual Health Insurance

XN Global Individual Health Insurance offers expatriates and their families a variety of practical and comforting insurance benefits, ranging from basic protection to comprehensive health care solutions. XN provides medical, dental and vision care programs, including emergency medical evacuation and repatriation services that focus on the health and safety of individuals during the course of their expatriate experience. Backed by world renowned underwriting companies, XNs coverage provisions generally are broader than those of most insurers. Moreover, a host of critical support services is available to members around the clock, including assistance with hospital admissions, direct settlement of claim expenses, and more, through our health care management partners. Wherever expatriates are located, they are assured of responsive services and coverage designed with their unique needs in mind.

XN Global Belongings & Liability Insurance

XN Global Belongings & Liability Insurance is a package product developed to respond to the needs of expatriates anywhere in the world. It provides gap free property and liability insurance coverage with excellent client services during your foreign assignment.

XN Global Moving Insurance

The XN Global Moving Insurance program is designed to provide insurance coverage for expatriates' personal belongings during transportation to and from their foreign assignment location. This policy covers all goods from their pick up by the movers until they are received at the policyholder's new residence.

XN Global Kidnap, Extortion & Detention Insurance

XN provides one of the broadest kidnap, extortion and detention insurance coverage in the market with the flexibility to meet a client's needs. In addition we have exclusive access to the services of international security risk consultancy firms, that are world leaders in responding to extortion threats.

XN Global Vacant Homeowners Insurance

XN Global Vacant Homeowners Insurance provides insurance coverage for vacant principal dwellings located anywhere in the world. Our international network of professional loss adjusters ensures that claims are dealt with quickly and effectively.

HTH Business Traveler

Business travelers log millions of international trips each year, and the pace and stress of each trip increases personal risk, often compromising the traveler's health and the company's business objectives. Because business travelers need real-time health and security information and services as well as comprehensive insurance protection to achieve their goals in an unpredictable world, HTH Worlwide offers HTH Business Traveler, a group supplemental health insurance program with online knowledge tools that helps members identify, access and pay for quality health care services all around the world.

Inbound USA Automobile Insurance

Foreign nationals often find it difficult to qualify for auto insurance because, without U.S. driving records, they are considered "high risk" by insurance companies. AIG International Services can help you secure cost-effective auto insurance— without the higher premiums associated with high risk policies— by providing credit for your foreign driving history. The Inbound USA membership program provides competitive premium rates, and accepts qualifying foreign or international driver's licenses.

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