Employment Practices Insurance

As the number of employment-related claims increases, so does the potential financial risk to your business. Defending a wrongful termination or discrimination claim is an expensive and time-consuming process. The potential for a damages award is an ever-present threat to a company's financial resources.

XN Risk® offers broad definitions for key terms such as: Assureds, Claim, Employee, Loss and Wrongful Act. These definitions reflect our understanding of the complexities of the laws and policies under which companies must maneuver while managing their business and human resources.

The XN Risk® product line is a flexible package offering many forms of coverage, with separate limits of liability automatically provided. Coverage features include:
  • Definition of Assured includes persons who were, now are, or shall be Directors & Officers, as well as employees or the functional equivalent thereof, if domiciled outside the United States
  • Claim includes any written or oral demand for damages or other forms of relief
  • An option for Third Party Discrimination/Sexual Harassment is available and includes a non-Employee natural person
  • Broad definition of Employee includes seasonal, voluntary, leased and temporary individuals and independent contractors
  • Loss specifically covers front pay and back pay including costs, charges and expenses incurred by any Assureds
  • Wrongful Act includes harassment (including any type of sexual or gender harassment, sexual orientation and workplace harassment by any non-employee); and retaliation
  • No limitation of coverage for punitive, exemplary or multiplied damages where insurable by law
  • No exclusion for reduction in force or mass layoffs
  • No class action exclusion
  • No intentional act exclusion


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