In 2001, XN Financial was founded to fill the insurance product and professional service voids in the international mobility market. Since its inception, XN Financial has consistently expanded its product and service offering to the point where it now offers all of its members a true global personal risk management solution.

The company was acquired by Henner-GMC, in 2011. This relationship creates one of the world’s largest international insurance providers specializing in expatriate insurance and administrative platforms for healthcare products as well as Property and Casualty.

Henner, an international specialist in employee benefits, is an independent, family-owned company that designs and implements innovative, tailored domestic and international benefits and healthcare programs. The company supports its products and clients via experienced multilingual customer service teams in Paris, France, through regional offices established in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas, and through a network of medical providers worldwide.

In France, Henner is the leading French employee benefits brokerage offering consulting and advisory services in six key areas: Social Engineering, Health Insurance Administration, Pension and Funeral Insurance Administration, Retirement Insurance, Property and Casualty Insurance and Medical Networks. Henner is also France’s premier third party administrator of employee benefit plans.

Some figures about HENNER in 2011
  • €108.1 M in turnover
  • €1,200 M in premiums
  • 1 100 employees
  • 7 000 companies and groups
  • 23,500,000 acts reimbursed per annum
  • 1.3 M beneficiaries covered, of which 230,000 multinationals in 198 countries

Henner has demonstrated stability in the industry, as well as independence from major players in the market. Supported by Lloyd's capacity, XN Financial’s suite of products paired with Henner's well-established carrier relationships and global presence result in enhanced valued that it delivers in the marketplace, and around the globe. For more information, please visit www.henner.com