Mission and Values

XN Financial’s mission is to be the premier provider of personal and professional services for international assignees and their families around the world.


The strength of the XN Group of Companies is its solid relationship with insurance carriers. Our senior management has long standing relationships with leading insurers spanning over 25 years. The manner in which we do business, our credibility and what we stand for are unsurpassed in the insurance industry. Our underwriting partners are totally committed to our programs and trust our knowledge and experience as it relates to delivering international insurance solutions.

Service Commitment

XN Financial provides front-line account management, enrollment and invoicing services as the total program coordinator. Live assistance is available to plan members 24 hours a day, 365 days a year through the XN Global Service Center combined with the member website. XN Financial administers member enrollment through a paperless, on-line process and provides the sponsor organization with a single, consolidated invoice for all insurance products and services. The approach is very simple; everything flows through XN Financial. All anyone needs to remember for all products, services and information is www.xn.com.

Claims Philosophy

Claims management is often the most visible result of insurance companies many functions and as such the XN Global Claims Center is an critical element in our overall service strategy.

Our clients form part of a dynamic and quickly growing market niche in the world insurance market. Underlying our adherence to a flexible approach to claims settlement is a confidence and trust in regard to the integrity of all our clients who deserve the ‘benefit of the doubt’.